How to book a hall

We use a system called 'Hallmaster' to manage our bookings, click the button to take you there to start the process.

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Safety Steward Form

You can download a the Safety Steward form here On confirming a booking please ensure you send a physical signed copy or a PDF completed by email to prior to your event.

Standard conditions of hiring any of the halls

Address: Victoria & Jubilee Halls, Hartley Wintney, Hampshire, RG27 8RQ
Telephone: 01252 844876
Registered Charity Number: 207055

The management of all the halls within the Victoria Hall Complex is vested in the Management Committee of the Victoria Hall Charity, whose powers and composition are defined in the constitution, a copy of which may be consulted by application to the Chairman. Under the provisions of the constitution the Management Committee is empowered to make rules, or to withdraw or amend them.

Standard conditions of hiring agreement

1. Use of the centre

Use of the halls and their facilities are subject to the following rules and, in the case of hirers, to certain standard conditions incorporated in the hiring agreement.

2. Equal opportunities

The halls shall be open to all members of the community regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, religious or political beliefs or marital status.

3. Applying to use the halls

a) Application for use of the halls shall be made to the Hall Administrator.
b) The right to refuse any application for the use of the facilities is reserved to the Victoria Hall Management Committee or the Hall Administrator, provided that the Administrator reports his/her action to the next meeting of the Management Committee. The Management Committee may refuse an application to use the hall facilities if the use by a particular association or individual presents a risk of public disorder or of alienating the Association’s beneficiaries or supporters.
c) All arrangements for the use of the facilities are subject to the Charity reserving the right to cancel bookings when the premises are required for use as a Polling Station or are rendered unfit for the intended use.

4. Conditions of hire

a) All private bookings are subject to a £150 cautionary deposit (£250 for wedding bookings), returnable if the halls, fittings, and furnishings are left in a clean, tidy and good condition. This deposit must be made before entry to the halls is permitted.
Time of vacation must be strictly adhered to, any time in excess will be charged at the normal rate.
b) The hirer shall pay as deposit 25% of the cost of the booking. Such deposit shall normally only be refundable to the Hirer in the event of the Management Committee cancelling the booking in pursuance of Rule 3c.
The hirer shall pay the balance of fees due before the conclusion of the booking, as may be directed by the Hall Administrator. If the Hirer wishes to cancel the booking and the Management Committee is unable to conclude a replacement booking; the question of the repayment of the fees paid (less the deposit) shall be at the discretion of the Management Committee. In the event of the Management Committee cancelling the booking in accordance with Rule 3c, all fees (including the deposit) paid by the Hirer shall be refunded to him/her.
c) The hirer shall leave the halls in as good order and in as clean condition as at the start of the hiring. If there is a default the Charity will charge for putting the hall in good order.
No sellotape, drawing pins, staples or nails to be used on the fabric of the hall, nor on tables or chairs.
Blu Tack only can be used on painted woodwork.
The hirer will be responsible for setting out and clearing away of furniture and equipment unless otherwise arranged with the Halls Administrator.
Facilities at the halls are normally available for the use of hirers between the hours of 8am and 11pm on Mondays through to Thursdays and on Sundays; and 8am to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. In exceptional cases these hours may be extended on application to the Management Committee.

5. Maximum capacity

The Victoria Hall has a maximum capacity of 200 persons for concerts etc. and 120 persons seated for dinners etc.
The Jubilee Hall has a maximum capacity of 150 persons for concerts etc. and 80 persons seated for dinners etc.
The Edward Hall has a maximum capacity of 50 persons.
The Lady Kaye Meeting Room has a maximum capacity of 30 persons.
The Appleton Hall has a maximum capacity of 80 persons and 50 persons seated at tables.
These figures include helpers and performers and on no account shall they be exceeded.

6. Licences

The hirer shall be responsible for obtaining any licences necessary in connection with the booking, other than those already held by the Management Committee.

7. Safety requirement

All conditions attached to the granting of the Hall’s Public Entertainment Licence, stage play, or other licences shall be strictly observed. Nothing shall be done which will endanger the users of the building and the policies of insurance relating to it and to its contents.
In particular:
a) Obstructions must not be placed in gangways or exits, nor in front of emergency exits, which must be immediately accessible to exit.
b) All groups are expected to co-operate in the fire drills which are arranged at varying times in order to familiarise users with evacuation procedures.
c) The emergency lighting supply must be turned on during the whole time the premises are occupied, and must illuminate all exit signs and routes.
d) Fire-fighting apparatus shall be kept in its proper place and only used for its intended purpose.
e) The Fire Brigade shall be called to any outbreak of fire, however slight, following the FIRE ACTION procedure posted by the Fire Extinguishers and details of the occurrence shall be given to the Hall Administrator.
f) Performances involving danger to the public shall not be undertaken.
g) Highly flammable substances shall not be brought into or used in any part of the premises. No internal decorations of a combustible nature (e.g. polystyrene, cotton, etc.) shall be undertaken or erected without the consent of the Management Committee.
h) No unauthorised heating appliances shall be used on the premises.
i) The First Aid boxes shall be readily available to all users of the premises. They are located in the kitchens.
The Hall Administrator shall be informed of any accident or injury occurring on the premises.
j) All electrical equipment brought into the building shall comply with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989. The Management Committee disclaims all responsibility for all claims and costs arising from the use of any such equipment that does not so comply. If in doubt please contact the Hall Administrator.
k) The hirer shall be responsible for the observance of all regulations appertaining to the premises stipulated by the Licensing Justices, the Fire Authority, the Local Authority or otherwise.

8. Insurance

The hirer shall be responsible for making arrangements to insure against any third-party claims which may lie against him/his association whilst using the Halls. (The Management Committee is insured against any claims arising out of its own negligence.)

9. Subletting

The hirer shall not sublet or use the premises for any unlawful purpose or in any unlawful way nor do anything or bring on to the premises anything which may endanger the premises, their users, or any insurance policies relating thereto.

10. Property damage

The hirer shall indemnify the Management Committee for the cost of repair of any damage done to any part of the property including the outside area or the contents of the building during or because of a booking.

11. Selling of goods

The hirer shall, if selling goods on the hall premises, comply with Fair Trading Laws and any local code of practice issued in connection with such sales. In particular, the Hirer shall ensure that the total prices of all goods and services are prominently displayed, as shall be the organiser’s name and address, and that any discounts offered are based only on Manufacturers’ Recommended Retail Prices.

12. Alterations

The hirer shall not, without prior consent of the Victoria Hall Management Committee, alter or add to the fabric of the halls, nor make alterations to the electrical systems. In the event of drama or other groups carrying out set making, carpentry or other such work, the hall floor is always to be protected.

13. Supervision

The hirer or person in charge of an activity shall not be under 21 years of age and shall be on the premises for the entire period of hire, or duration of the activity. He/she shall not be engaged in any duties which prevent him/her from exercising general supervision.
When the premises or any part of them are used for the purpose of public entertainment, there shall be a minimum of two responsible persons on duty, (neither of whom shall be less than 21 years of age), where under 100 persons are attending the entertainment. The number of adult attendants required is increased in the following circumstances:
a) Where more than100 persons are present, increase to three.
b) When the majority of those present at the entertainment are less than 16 years of age, and when many people with disabilities are expected to attend, the numbers of adult supervisors required will be increased.
All persons in charge or on duty shall have been informed of the procedure for evacuation of the premises and shall familiarise themselves with the fire-fighting equipment provided.

14. Safety of young children

No activities or groups involving young children under eight years of age will be permitted on the premises except with the written agreement of the Management Committee, which will require that the relevant provisions of the Children Act 1989 (see Community Matters Information Sheet No 30 Children Act 1989) and any conditions required by the Social Services Department are complied with before giving such permission. In the case of hirers, it is the responsibility of the organisers of the activities concerned to ensure that only fit and proper persons have access to young children, and that such persons shall at all times be in attendance upon young children who are on the premises for the activities concerned.

15. Intoxicating liquor

No intoxicating liquors are permitted to be bought, sold or consumed on any part of the premises without the express permission of the Management Committee, whose consent must also be obtained prior to seeking any Occasional Licence or Permission for the sale of alcoholic liquor. The bar must close no later than 11.30 pm or 30 mins before the end of the hire period, whichever is the earlier.

16. Music in the centre

The premises are licensed with the Performing Right Society for the performance of copyright music. Users should, however, advise the Hall Administrator as to the frequency of musical performances during their activities. The Hall’s licence with Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL), on the other hand, does not cover the performance of recorded music by hirers of the premises, who must consult with the Hall Administrator before planning the use of recorded music. It is the responsibility of any independent user group which uses recorded music in its activities to check if it requires a licence from PPL and, if so, to obtain one.

17. Betting, Gaming, and Lotteries

Nothing shall be done on or in relation to the premises in contravention of the law relating to betting, gaming and lotteries, and the persons or associations responsible for functions held in the centre premises shall ensure that the requirements of the relevant legislation are strictly observed.

18. Storage

The permission of the Management Committee must be obtained before goods or equipment are left or stored at the centre, except that the Hall Administrator is authorised to grant permission for the overnight storage of goods and equipment brought to the centre for a particular function or event. However, all such goods/equipment are left at the owner’s/event organiser’s risk, and the Management Committee accept no responsibility for the loss or theft of any items stored overnight.

19. Loss of property

The Management Committee cannot accept responsibility for damage to, or the loss or theft of, hall users’ property and effects.

20. Car parking

Cars shall not be parked so as to cause an obstruction at the entrance to, or exits from, the halls. Where parking accommodation is provided and available, this must be used, and in any case users of the halls should avoid undue noise on arrival and departure. Vehicles must not be left in the car park overnight (unless otherwise arranged with the Hall Administrator).

21. Nuisance

a) Litter shall not be left in or about the hall premises.
b) Hirers and organisers of events are responsible for ensuring that the noise level of their function is not such as to interfere with other activities within the building nor to cause inconvenience for the occupiers of nearby houses and property.

22. Cleaning and security

All use of hall premises and facilities is subject to the users accepting responsibility for returning furniture and equipment to their original position, and for securing doors and windows of the premises as directed by the Hall Administrator. All users shall also leave the premises and surrounds in a clean and tidy condition.

All refuse must be properly bagged and taken off the premises or deposited in the refuse bin in the car park. We also have two recycling bins on site, one for glass bottles and jars and the other for paper, cardboard, cans, and plastic bottles.